[Gambler Club] PM GALS Ash Unrivaled

PM GALS Ash Unrivaled

The long wait is over! The latest PM GALS has finally been scanned properly after I finished the script back in January thanks to one anonymous poster making photo captures.

Based on a 4 episode run, Ash & co. are at Pokemon Summer Camp and Ash’s harem grows. Somehow sexual “power creep” seems to have set in from the other PM GALS works, where guys that can fuck twice in a row in nothing special.

On the technical side, I used a different technique to fix the grey levels from the original scan. Everything seemed okay, but the scanner guy has one early page a little lighter than the rest, but hopefully no one else will notice. I also cheapened out on one page for editing, so sorry about that….

Fun fact: Due to the title and font choices, I jokingly wanted to call this “Ash Warriors” after Dynasty Warriors, which I’ve only played Hyrule Warriors.

BTW, I was told that someone ran around Katsucon saying they were me. I don’t know why this person did so, but it wasn’t me. I’ve only been to Baltimore once, and never been to that con.


[Gambler Club] PM GALS Ash Unrivaled

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