Other Video Game-based Translations

Super Bitch WorldSwapnote NikkiSalve Regina

Some new, but a lot old. But since my old site is dying, here’s a link to all the translated and edited works based on non-Pokemon properties.

[Shigatake] Totally Unaware Good Vibes Nikki -Nikki’s Personal Diary-   (Swapnote)

[Watosato (Sugiura Sen)] SUPER BITCH WORLD   (Mario)

[Kouei do] Mikawa Ondo 6   (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

[Mayoineko (Nakagami Takashi)] She’s the Eye Candy of the Village   (Animal Crossing)

[Sendouya (Juan Gotoh)] Salve Regina    (Mega Man Legends + Ape Escape)

[Oreteki 18kin] CS3+K    (Street Fighter)

Other Video Game-based Translations

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