(C88) [Makoto Daikichi] SatoSHI & TakeSHI no Futari wa PuriPuri


Comiket 88 ended, so the wave of new doujins is out! This is the first of the new Makoto Daikichi Pokemon works, the first to tie into the anime series in an odd fashion.

There’s a bit of a play on words here. SHI in Satoshi’s and Takeshi’s names here is actually the kanji for “Mr.”, as these two are not the kid from Pallet Town and the Kanto Rock gym leader you know, but actually a couple of assholes that look like them. In the Japanese original, they’re referred to as Sato & Satocchi  and Take & Takeyan respectively. The names are adapted accordingly. In either case, the doppelgangers use the mix-up to take advantage of Misty and May.

One extra translator note is that one of the preview pages had some different dialogue, but I was able to put in both into the text bubbles. Little cramped, but it’s essentially the full package. Another odd deal is that two planned joke pages were not included in the final doujin, but was available on the artist’s pixiv page. They are added in here, but they’re not the same resolution nor quality of the other images. The title is a little awkward to translate, and the English on the cover is a bit of a Engrishy mistake. An okay correction with the American-given names would be “Mr. Ash & Mr. Brock’s Umbrage Pair”.

MEGA Download Link

This work is available off Melonbooks DL’s site. It’s pretty cheap and DRM-free! Get it here and support the artist

(C88) [Makoto Daikichi] SatoSHI & TakeSHI no Futari wa PuriPuri

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