Translation Catch-Up (with Latest!)

Sorry for not updating as often! Here is a pack of the translations made since my last post a trio of Pokemon doujins and the most recently produced Mantou:


PUA LANI -Heavenly Flower-

At Mina’s Request




Also look for a SFW silly Pokemon work I translated months back~

Translation Catch-Up (with Latest!)

[Gambler Club] Serena Final Stage + BBS NOTE WINTER 2016


The first of hopefully many more C91 doujins. Forgive any break. I did translations for other works as a team; try to guess which!

For these, it’s the latest in more Ash harem love moments. For those that read the C90 short doujin paper, the Serena tale will seem similar, but expanded upon. The Note is the set-up for new Sun/Moon characters.

[Serena Final Stage] MEGA Download Link

[BBS NOTE WINTER 2016] MEGA Download Link

[Gambler Club] Serena Final Stage + BBS NOTE WINTER 2016

[Gambler Club] PM GALS Iris’s Turn!!


Here it is, one of the C89 Pokemon doujins everyone’s been waiting for!

The demand has been heard! Iris finally gets to join up with Ash. In that respect, obviously the focus is almost entirely on her. Who’d get sucked into Ash’s influence later? Who knows?

The person who scanned this is a new person, not too shabby for a start, but needed some clean-up and all that. Kudos to him/her, though.


MEGA Download Link

[Gambler Club] PM GALS Iris’s Turn!!